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Onboard Tracker™ key benefits

  • Scalable

    Onboard Tracker™ is a modular, web based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that grows with your business.

  • Affordable

    Onboard Tracker™ is a monthly subscription model with no upfront capital cost

  • Enterprise Class

    Onboard Tracker™ uses secure, globally-replicating datacentres for resilient world-wide access across multiple locations.

How many systems does it take to track and manage one oilfield worker?

Onboard Tracker™ is an easy to use online tracking, operations and certification hub which enhances the visibility and safety of people, crews and assets in global oil and gas.

Streamline your systems with Onboard Tracker™

Onboard Tracker™ reduces the number of systems used to track your people & assets whilst transforming visibility and reporting in your company. Our modular structure & import features cut your costs, duplication & set-up time.

  • Onboard Tracker transformed the way we did business overnight, no longer did we need to lose time tracking down data - it was right there and we could access it when needed.

    Client Focus Group, KTP 2015
  • ...the Onboard Tracker team were incredibly responsive to our needs, not only did they help us address our obvious problems – they were always willing to suggest new ways of doing things based on their experience of tackling similar problems for other clients...

    Client Focus Group, KTP 2015
  • ...evidence of an individual's certification is easily available when needed, and does not take disk or filing cabinet space any more as it is all stored in a secure cloud based environment. This means that when a client asks to see ‘hard evidence’ that one of the team is competent we can find it easily...

    Client Focus Group, KTP 2015
  • ...we have confidence that we can gain access to the data we need when we need it. We know that problems of duplication have been removed and we know that the information is up-to-date. This situation, has the added benefit of empowering teams when they are entering a wide range of business scenarios from tendering for work through to the re-negotiation of contracts etc...

    Client Focus Group, KTP 2015

Onboard Tracker™ Integrates

Track your oil and gas workforce, manage HR and certification. Available modules include:

  • Operations Tracker™

    Graphically track the work, holiday and absence movements of roaming and rotational people or crews on jobs, sites & locations worldwide.

  • Certification

    Upload and manage training certificates, records, documents and expiries to ensure workforce safety and compliance with client and regulatory matrix requirements.

  • HR

    Manage your staff, contractor and agency contracts. Administer succession, appraisals, disciplinary tracking and accident recording.

  • Competency

    Upload skill levels, assessment evidence and experience to ensure crew safety and compliance against client, location & equipment specific matrix requirements.

Our story

Track your oil and gas assets, manage certification. Available modules include:

  • Logistics Tracker

    Globally track assets by location, site, job and client. Trace asset movements and yield.

  • Asset Register

    Track asset status by serial & part number, owner and location. Store commercial values, sizes and weights.

  • Certification & Examinations

    Manage and upload your equipment certificates and expiry. Schedule and track regulatory and safety examinations.

  • Stock

    Report and manage stock locations, minimum levels by product, reorders, transfers and stockholdings.

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Onboard Tracker™ in numbers

  • 1 Central hub

  • Used in30+ countries

  • +40k man hours of development

  • +400k movement records

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