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Having developed tracking applications for many clients, we embarked on a project to build a system that brought all of our industry experience into our own configurable system for tracking People and Assets.

As many of the systems we implemented were customised for the client, we effectively became victim of our own success and found that keeping the systems maintained and modern in the fast moving web development arena was becoming costly and difficult.

In 2011, after thoroughly researching the development landscape, we decided to build a secure, multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which would have a single code base, would be continually up to date and would never grow old.

Onboard Tracker™ now tracks people and equipment all over the world and energy service companies of all sizes can now enjoy the benefits of an enterprise class system.

It has been designed for their highly regulated industry at a fraction of the risk and cost of building it themselves.

Onboard Tracker™'s monthly SaaS subscription model ensures that the system is fit for purpose and have the comfort of knowing that they have a partner who is committed to constantly innovating and investing in the platform on their behalf.

Onboard Tracker™ is now, in effect, an ongoing collaboration of all of its client's best industry practices.

The development of Onboard Tracker™



Tim Berners-Lee inventing the Internet  was not the only milestone in computing during this year... Solab (Solutions Aberdeen Ltd) was born!

Solab are now one of the longest established IT Support providers in Scotland. Based in Aberdeen, we have been supporting, training, developing and connecting businesses for over 25 years. Our years of experience, coupled with strong relationships with Microsoft, VMware, CISCO, and Fujitsu ensure we continue to support a client base of highly satisfied customers.



Original Tracker™ Developed (2004)

Having built up significant experience and skills developing tracking applications for clients in the Oil, Gas and Maritime industries, we embarked on a project to build our own system that brought all of our industry experience into a configurable system for tracking People and Assets.



Onboard Tracker™ is born

After thoroughly researching the development landscape, we decided to build a secure, enterprise class, multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which would have a single code base, would be continually up to date and would never grow old.

Onboard Tracker™ would be marketed using a ‘consumption economics’ monthly subscription model that drastically disrupted the traditional software licensing model and shifted the significant part of the development and commercial risk from the client to the software house.



Onboard Tracker™ goes international

As the system is web based, we have always had international users. However we experienced excellent demand internationally and the system is now implemented in Brazil, USA, Norway and a number of other countries. Onboard Tracker™ uses the Microsoft Azure platform to give it geo-replicating resilience and ensures that non UK clients do not suffer latency as they connect to a localised Microsoft data-centre.



Onboard Tracker™ partners with Aberdeen University on a KTP project

Onboard Tracker™ gets its very own team of professors and the information they produce will be used as future study material for University of Aberdeen Business School undergraduates. Their initial white paper case study entitled 'The Benefits of Client Developer Collaboration - A case study of disruptive software development and models for the Oil and Gas Sector' is being published in 2015.



Onboard Tracker™ gets a new look

Onboard Tracker™ launches it's fantastic and extremely well received new User Interface. The Operations Tracker allows users to see multiple rigs, vessels, crews and locations from a single, easy to use screen.

Onboard Tracker™ also is awarded 'Best Workforce Tracking System' at the 2015 Technology Innovator Awards.



Sparrows Group on-board!

Onboard Tracker™ proudly supports Sparrows Group operations globally!

The people behind Onboard Tracker™

Based in the Oil industry hub of Aberdeen in Scotland, Onboard Tracker™ (Onboard Global Solutions Ltd) is part of the Solutions Aberdeen Ltd group of companies which were established in 1991. Let us introduce you to a few of the people behind Onboard Tracker™ and give you an insight into the experience behind the name.

  • Kevin Coll

    Kevin Coll

    With over 24 years as the Managing Director of Solutions, an Aberdeen based IT Services company, I bring a wealth of computing, development and Oil & Gas industry experience to OnboardTracker.

    Listening to clients, collaborating and using technology to solve their business challenges are real passions of mine and were the primary drivers in the creation of Onboard Tracker™.

    Onboard Tracker™ has a fantastic team and I am extremely proud of them and what we have achieved.

    When I’m not working, I like to travel to sunny climes, scuba dive, ski and the odd glass of wine!

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  • Graeme Miller

    Graeme Miller

    I am responsible for the overall technical implementation of Onboard Tracker™. I make sure the team delivers amazing features that are fast, reliable, and secure. We love hearing new ideas and practice “build, measure, learn” ensuring OnboardTracker is always evolving to give maximum value to our customers.

    Since receiving my masters and honours degree from Edinburgh University over 10 years ago, I have been developing software for the oil industry. The first program I wrote in the early 90’s printed an animated smiley face on the screen. We might have to put it into Onboard Tracker™ now that I’ve confessed to that!

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  • Max Vasilyev

    Max Vasilyev

    My main role is to develop Onboard Tracker™ and make sure all of the existing functionality runs smoothly. I also take care of the development infrastructure and encourage all team members to follow quality and testing standards.

    In my free time I enjoy a good day of mountain biking and reading about new development techniques – but not at the same time!

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Solutions you can count on

Onboard Tracker™’s scalability and global reach makes us the number one Operations System choice for our users. Come and join them and be part of the Onboard Tracker™ success story.

Onboard Tracker™ is in day to day use around the world ensuring the operational integrity and safety of many thousands of people.

Onboard Tracker™ leverages the power and resilience of the Microsoft Azure platform to ensure that the application is always robust and available.

Our professional development and support teams utilise cutting edge support tools to quickly resolve any issues or development requirement our users may have.

Our promise

Onboard Tracker™ will be continually updated, refreshed and adapted to meet the ever evolving requirements of our clients. We will listen, respond and deliver our applications with enthusiasm and passion.

  • Our values
    • Honesty and integrity combined with high levels of customer service form the foundation of our core values.
  • Our commitment to you
    • Onboard Tracker™ will continue to be a secure, resilient, fit for purpose and feature rich platform which manages your people and assets worldwide for an affordable, monthly subscription.

Onboard Tracker™ solutions:

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